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Our key services include:

Pointing Pen and Finger on Document

Regulatory & Company Formulary Development

Our team are versed in all types of regulations including MHRA, MCA, FDA, DEA and GPhC. Supporting you to create bespoke formularies to meet regulatory and company requirements

Prescription Medication

General Medical Supply

We supply all medicinal products, consumables such as dressings, syringes etc as well as medical devices and equipment and their servicing

Take-out Box

Inventory management & Medical Chest Certificates

Using bespoke software and traditional spreadsheets to manage your inventory onboard keeping your vessel valid at all time

Oil & Gas Pharmaceutical Supply

Wells Offshore is familiar with Statutory requirements and Industry recommendations relating to the provision of medical supplies for offshore installations.

Commercial Maritime & Passenger Vessels

Wells Offshore has supplied medical stores to Merchant Ships (Freight and Passenger) for many years and our pharmacists and support staff are fully familiar with....

Occupational Health Specialists

Wells Offshore staff are experienced in supply to occupational health schemes and are fully familiar with the legal framework covering them.

Life Raft First Aid Kit Manufacturing

At Wells Offshore, we take pride in our meticulous manufacturing of life raft first aid kits, designed to meet the highest standards of safety and compliance.

Event Medical Services

At Wells Offshore, our commitment to safety extends beyond traditional industries to encompass event medical services. 

Cruise Industry Solutions

Seamless Supply, Global Reach* Embarking on a cruise is a journey of luxury and adventure, and at Wells Offshore, we understand that....

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